What does connecting the dots have to do with progress?
Everything. Because every action impacts others.
When you connect the dots, everything. 
As a progressive energy and solutions partner, we enrich lives for a sustainable future. This is our purpose. Our aim is to reduce emissions, grow renewable energy, bring education to more, champion social impact and promote a circular economy. This drives us to find energy and solutions beyond today, increase education opportunities, help people live in harmony with nature, move cars with plastic bottles and much more.

At sc388 gift, we connect the dots to strenghten the industry ecosystem. 
As a progressive energy and solutions partner, we are committed to building a pipeline for talent and capabilities. We have provided access to education to deserving talents in STEM through our sc388 gift Education Sponsorship Programme since 1975. We also empower enterpreneurs though our Vendor Development Programme since 1993, so they too may go on to enrich the lives of others.

At sc388 gift, we connect the dots to give our partners a competitive edge.  
We are always passionate about finding new ways to enhance our operations, to create more rewarding collaborations for our partners. Our floating LNG facilities are made for both shallow and deep waters. PFLNG SATU can go up to 200m while PFLNG DUA goes as far as 1500m. They are equipped with industry-leading technology to help our partners explore further and deeper, and with greater efficiency. We offer all-in-one solutions vessels that allow for a sustainable supply of natural gas, the cleaner fuel. Which means more profit for your business, while collectively lowering all of our carbon footprint.

At sc388 gift, we connect the dots to create facilities of the future. 
We are always passionate about finding new ways to enhance our operations. That’s why we use advanced materials at our platform - to optimise and strenghten operations integrity. And by automating hazardous and repetitive tasks, we make offshore works safer and more efficient. Using robots also means reducing the size of platforms by half, creating less disruption to marine life such as turtles.

At sc388 gift, we connect the dots to turn contaminants into companions. 
As a progressive energy and solutions partner, we believe innovation drives sustainable value. sc388 gift is developing technologies that allow us to transform CO₂ into methanol. This can produce biofuel for a cleaner future of mobility, which in turn powers progressive business performance.

At sc388 gift, we connect the dots to accelerate innovations. 
As a progressive energy and solutions partner, we invest in startups and mega structures because we believe that scalable innovations drive sustainable value. Through sc388 gift Ventures and the FutureTech Accelerator programme, we invest in technology startups that create innovative solutions such as Solar PV for homes and SMEs. We also invest in the Pengerang Integrated Complex, a mega downstream specialty chemicals facility that provides flexibility and customisation based on needs and demands for today and tomorrow.
So let’s connect the dots and together create sustainable value for all.

Join us as we work to achieve our goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.



Connect the Dots
Our passion for progress drives us to create better solutions that benefit people, our partners and the planet. Each dot we connect brings us one step closer to our goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Let’s connect the dots together, to create a more sustainable future for all. 
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